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2016 March Monitoring Report
2016 lithium battery (proposed) standard meeting
In 2016 the tender notice of lithium battery

The first domestic production VRLA batteries and DC power supply, electrical equipment One of the professional companies


Technology Centre to "develop new chemical power, protect battery safety, environmental protection, safeguard human health" for the purpose...

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Hunan Feng Ri Electric Power Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock Fengri Electric Group Co., Ltd. as the main sponsor of investment in the establishment of the Limited...


In order to make every customer get Fengri electrical satisfactory service, and maintain a good working relationship with the company, we emphasize...

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Maung plant

Feng Nisshin plant

Covers an area of over 330,000 square meters, has a staff of more...

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People-oriented technology...

The pursuit of win-win and common development; integrity...

2016 lithium battery (proposed) standard meeting
In 2016 the tender notice of lithium battery
In 2016, the bid invitation of lithium battery
Responsible perseverance to be a successful salesperson
HSBC branch was held in recognition of the meeting summary
Fengri new "Grid DC backup VRLA gel batteries" products through provincial identification